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We have the knowledge and expertise to safely and securely distribute chemicals you need for your business. Whether you need custom chemical blends, bulk chemical products, or chemical storage and packaging, we offer quality chemicals and chemical distribution throughout whole Europe.

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We are the industry heads and produce the most reliable and trendy solution you are looking for.


Since its inception, ERLANO BV has been trying to create and maintain strong relationships with suppliers. Thanks to this, the raw materials that we import always have quality certificates, while our consultants are able to quickly solve logistics problems.We are constantly improving our offer, wanting to meet the highest expectations of our clients, providing them with high-quality specialist products and offering a wide range of raw materials.


ERLANO BV creates a committed team that is responsible for solving several hundred inquiries in our most important departments. Thanks to the employment of qualified consultants, we are able to remedy various problems that arise when browsing our offer. It is their experience and knowledge that allows us to use our services efficiently.

Problem solving, technical support and innovative ideas allow us to meet the expectations of our clients.


Consolidation of suppliers and various logistics solutions consist in reducing the cost of raw materials deliveries, and is responsible for improving efficiency. ERLANO BV has an efficient and proven system of planning and controlling the transport of imported raw materials, compliant with all legal regulations.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your industry needs.

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ERLANO BV is a company specializing in the supply of industrial raw materials, chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, food additives, meeting the highest industry standards.

Our offer is addressed to clients from the diagnostic, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and research sectors.We are prepared to supply these industries while maintaining the necessary legal requirements.


Our industrial division offers a number of chemicals, in the intermediate and final form, used in the most diverse industries, including petrochemical products, adhesives, solvents, sealants, coatings, resins, active ingredients used in various production processes and basic chemicals in a pure form.

We offer highly efficient service for supplying the required chemical substances to enterprises.


In addition to importing products, we are looking for technical solutions for the feed, food and beverage sector. We ensure the highest competitiveness of our offer, as well as the highest quality of products and raw materials supplied by us.

A practiced team with reliable market and technical knowledge ensures a professional approach focused on the client and his needs.

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